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Transfer by private taxi from Stresa-Lake Maggiore to Como City-Lake Como

If you want to reach the Como City-Lake Como from Stresa-Lake Maggiore, choose our private taxi service! Como on Lake Como, Como is the city that gives its name to the entire lake of which it occupies the extreme southwestern edge. It is in fact the most important center for art, transport and economy. History tells us that this area, before being conquered by the Romans in 196 BC. it was inhabited by Orobi (Galli) and Comenses. The consul Gaius Scipione brought three thousand Greek colonists to Como, others followed them, bringing new activities such as the cultivation of olive trees and vines. The inhabited center was moved and repopulated on the lake shore, gradually expanded, was surrounded by walls and enriched with temples, forums and villas. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Como suffered the barbarian invasions, experienced the feudal regime and the subsequent flourishing of municipal life until the Spanish and Austrian dominations. After the Risorgimento period with heroic episodes such as the five days of 1848. Como was home to famous men: the two Plinii for what concerns the Roman age, the Giovio for the Renaissance and Alessandro Volta for modern times. In an isolated position, halfway between Como and Brunate stands the Ermo di San Donato, founded in the century. XV by the Benedictine fathers, a sculpted altar, frescoes from the 1400s and terracotta statues are preserved. Visiting the city, at least as regards the historic centre, can only be done on foot as car traffic is prohibited. Arriving by train at Como Lago station, you can admire all the wonders of the city by walking comfortably. The visit to Como, therefore, also becomes an interesting testimony of how it is still possible today to operate urbanistically in the historic centers, without distorting them, while enhancing the historical roots of a community.
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