Transfer's Kingdom at Your Service
We are not an intermediary but an independent team that selects the best offers and allows you to book directly with the operator.
Transfer's Kingdom is a reservation service for private transfers, managed and developed by the company Transfer's Kingdom. The Switzerland company specialises in the production of innovative services aimed at passengers and has worked for 40 years alongside transport companies throughout

Transfer's Kingdom allows you to make reservations directly with local operators who carry out transfers, and at the same time it works to monitor the reliability, the fairness and the accuracy of the services. Our task is to select the best services at the lowest prices, researching and evaluating the operators continually. Transfer's Kingdom is not an agency or a broker, and this allows us to cut out all superfluous costs from the tariffs, like for example the usual additional costs of brokerage.

The Transfer's Kingdom team works every day to guide the customer from the moment of choosing their trip right through to the collection of feedback on their satisfaction regarding the service provided and on the relationship with the local operator. Our aim is to ensure the high quality of the service offered and to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

Do not forget to book the return transfer.
It takes care to meet the needs of its customers through additional services on request: