Terms and conditions of the use of Transfer's Kingdom
Transfer's Kingdom Travel conditions
In choosing the trip, based on the options provided when you make your reservation, it is the customer's responsibility to take into account the necessary time required by the various airlines for boarding activities, the possible unforeseen during the journey that can delay the arrival at the airport, ports and railway stations, the possible delays, the time it takes to collect your luggage
Refunds and Guarantees
Data required for booking
The customer making the reservation must release its personal details, an email address, a telephone number and, for reservations services to / from ports and airports, also references the flight or ship. The phone number given must be valid in order to allow any emergency communications by the Operator on the same day of the trip
Presentation at the start
Luggage Transport
Smoke - Consumption of drinks and foods
And 'no smoking in vehicles and it is also forbidden to consume drinks or food of any kind
Responsibility of Top Class Services and of the customer
Responsibility of Transfer's Kingdom and of the customer
The Transfer's Kingdom takes care of the passengers, taking into account the minimum inconvenience that can still occur during the trip, always respecting the time specified in the Travel Summary
The Transfer's Kingdoms declines all responsibility for those events for which it may have no control.
Here is a list by way of examples of this type of events:
The passenger is liable to compensate all damages and failures caused by him at the vehicles
Complaints and Request
All claims must be made to the Company Transfer's Kingdom which provides the service to the address indicated on the Travel Summary and in copy to the address info@transferskingdom.com within 10 days from date of travel.
Acceptance of the conditions of travel
When a customer made an online reservation, through travel agencies or by telephone or email by operators in charge of booking, the customer accepts these conditions of travel
And 'possible to cancel a trip for any reason the booking cancellation directly to the Operator at the address listed on Trip Summary
Supplements excluding
For delays of more than 15 minutes not due to delays from Planes, Trains and Ships applies a surcharge of € 25 for each fraction of 30 minutes
Travel summary
Travel on the list are given all the information on the reservation and on the driver who transports, including emergency numbers and email to contact the Company Transfer's Kingdom - info@transferskingdom.com